The Contracts

Master Movers and Storage offers two levels of protection for your goods during moving and storage. These options will be presented by our helpful staff when you book your move. To be prepared ahead of time, you are encouraged to read over these options, which are presented below, as they will appear on your Contract of Carriage and/or Storage. Before the move begins, our office staff or our driver are required to obtain your signature, which will indicate the degree of protection that you have chosen for your moving and storage contract with us.

For the full terms and conditions, click this link to view our Contract of Carriage and/or Storage.

If you are storing with us, click here to peruse the Master Movers Storage Agreement and Warehouse Receipt.

OPTION ONE: Declared Value Protection. I will pay a valuation fee. I agree that carrier liability during moving and/or storage shall be limited to the declared value of the shipment. There will be a $250.00 deductible fee for any claim. Coverage will be for the depreciated value of any lost or damaged item, up to $10 per pound, per item.

I must declare a value of at least $50,000 for a full truck load, $25,000 for a half truck load, and $12,500 for a quarter load or less. Declared Value Protection for moving costs $3.00 per $1,000.00 of declared value. Declared Value Protection for storage costs an additional $1.00 per month for each $1,000.00 of declared value.

OPTION TWO: Basic Coverage. No fee. I agree that the maximum Carrier liability for loss or damage during moving and/or storage is 60 cents per pound per article to a maximum of $50 per article or carton.


Carrier and shipper agree that any estimate given is non-binding. The estimate is only an opinion of the time or cartons or space needed to perform the move and may differ from actual charges, which will be based on actual time, cartons or space to complete the move. Charges will include time for truck preparation and travelling to and from the carrier’s yard. Charges shall be subject to audit and adjustment by refund or by additional billing and shall be binding on both parties of this contract.

Payment is due upon delivery of the shipment. Unless the scope of the job was changed after the estimate, the maximum amount the carrier will demand from the shipper at the time of delivery is the amount of the non-binding estimate plus 10%. If actual charges exceed the non-binding estimate by more than 10%, the shipper will pay 110% of the estimate at the time of delivery and the balance will be due within 15 days.